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  • Wal-Mart to Nix Request for Injured Toddler

    Miriam Rozen, Texas Lawyer March 30, 2015 Two days after Wal-Mart Stores filed a motion asking a federal court to order an injured toddler be present at jury selection in a gross negligience case, the retail giant plans to withdraw the request, according to a company spokesman. The boy's parents claim that Cayden Hinson suffered a partially paralyzing spinal cord injury because of Wal-Mart's gross negligence. In the motion that it now intends to withdraw, Wal-Mart asked a federal court in Marsha...  Read More...

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  • What to Do When You’ve Been Hit by a Commercial Truck

    Collision with a Truck: A Driver’s Worst Nightmare With a typical semi truck weighing 20 to 30 times as much as a passenger car, a collision with a large commercial vehicle ranks among the average driver’s worst-case scenarios on the road. Unfortunately, it’s also more common than you might guess: About 1 in 10 highway deaths in 2013 resulted from a crash involving a large truck, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). If you’ve been involved in a crash with a large truck...

  • Dallas Makes It Rain: How to Avoid Hydroplane Situations in Wet Weather

    Ask a random American on the street about cities that are famous for wet weather and you’ll probably hear something about Seattle, or maybe Portland — but almost certainly not Dallas. And yet, Dallas/Fort Worth residents know all too well that their region unleashes sudden downpours that would send Pacific Northwesterners running for shelter. In fact, Dallas/Fort Worth had the wettest year in the area’s history in 2015, accumulating 62.61 inches of rain.

  • Car Accidents & Traumatic Brain Injuries: Causes and Initial Signs of TBI

    Overview of Traumatic Brain Injuries Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are injuries caused by blunt impact or penetrative impact of the head affecting the brain or skull. The most common sources of these injuries are car or motorcycle accidents, athletic injuries, and falling accidents. The severity of injury can range from mild concussions to severe, permanent brain damage.

  • Celebrate Law Day 2016 with Three Famous (and Misunderstood) Cases

    Sunday, May 1 is Law Day Maybe you’ve never heard of Law Day in the U.S. – even though the President has issued a Law Day proclamation every year since 1958 on May 1 to celebrate this holiday celebrating our legal heritage and the rule of law. While many law schools and bar associations celebrate Law Day with seminars and educational activities for the community, you may want to get in the spirit by learning about some famous legal cases that live on in popular culture, although our collective m...

  • Texas Jury Delivers $124.5 Million Verdict against Audi in Seat Back Failure Case

    A Texas jury recently ordered the Volkswagen-owned car manufacturer Audi to pay $124.5 million to a boy who was left with brain damage after his seat collapsed during a 2012 rear-end collision. Auto safety experts say this isn’t an isolated incident and that similar seat back failures could pose dangers to children nationwide. 11-year-old Jesse Rivera Jr.

  • Early Drivers: Being Prepared When Your Child Is in a Car Accident

    For parents, a newly licensed teenage driver in the family is both exciting and stressful. You are proud of their accomplishment and independence but also worried about all of the potential problems that can arise with an inexperienced driver. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 9,892 sixteen-year-old drivers were involved in car crashes in 2014.

  • Federal Regulators Begin Investigation into Ford F-150 Brake Failures

    Federal regulators have opened an investigation into reports of brake failure in Ford F-150 pickup trucks, and as many as 420,000 vehicles could be affected, according to multiple news outlets. The investigation covers Ford F-150 pickups with 3.5-liter, six-cylinder engines from the 2013 and 2014 model years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website. The NHTSA has already received 33 reports of brake failure in these trucks, according to the Associated Press...

  • Tips for Parents of New Drivers

    Pride. Nostalgia. Fear.

  • Hossley Embry Files 14 Lawsuits against Volkswagen

    Yesterday, we officially filed 14 separate lawsuits related to the ongoing Volkswagen emissions scandal. We are seeking damages for fraud and financial loss on behalf of our clients who were duped by Volkswagen and will now face diminished resale values and significant out-of-pocket costs for repairs. As a result, the media is beginning to take notice.

  • Full Fix for Vehicles in VW Emissions Scandal May Not Be Possible

    A full fix of Volkswagen diesel vehicles affected by the VW emissions scandal may not be a realistic possibility, and a regulator in California said recently that this fact may force the state to allow partially-repaired vehicles to continue traveling on state roads. The implications of this news could affect consumers in Texas and nationwide. "We will have to decide what the best approach is to dealing with these vehicles, and one of the options potentially would be to accept something less tha...

  • What to Do if You’re the Victim of a Hit and Run Accident

    Nobody’s Idea of a Good Time It’s hard to imagine a more frustrating, powerless feeling: You’re on the side of the road with a damaged car, and the perpetrator has driven off and left you with only a trail of dust. It’s also depressingly common: According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), "11 out of every 100 traffic accidents are hit and run accidents, [and] of those, 4.3 percent result in fatalities." But while bei...

  • England’s Stove Works Issues Safety Recall for Pellet Stoves Due to Laceration Hazard

    The Virginia-based stove company England’s Stove Works has issued a product recall for its “Smartstove” freestanding pellet stoves. Smoke can build up in the firebox due to ash accumulation, and the door’s glass pane can shatter, causing a laceration hazard, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC).

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission Declares All Hoverboards Unsafe

    No hoverboard currently on the market can be considered safe, according to an alarming notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). After months of investigation into the safety hazards posed by hoverboards, the CPSC issued an official notice late in February.

  • New Takata Airbag Recalls Affect VW, Mercedes, and Saab

    The most recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) vehicle recall for defective Takata airbags has now brought the number of recalled vehicles up to 28 million from 14 different auto manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Mercedes, and Saab — all car makers which had not previously been known to be affected. The defective Takata airbags in question contain an inflator that can deploy with too much force and e...

  • St. Patrick's Day Safety – Encouraging Moderation and Safe Driving

    St. Patrick's Day comes around at the perfect time; most people have recovered from the string of holidays in the last months of the previous year and are ready to get out of the house to (hopefully) enjoy some warmer weather. Parades and pub patios lend themselves well to this cultural celebration.

  • Changing Seasons: Tips for Spring Driving in Texas

    Springtime in Texas often brings sunshine, blooming wildflowers, and average temperatures in the 60s and 70s. At first glance, it’s hard to find much to complain about, but spring weather in Texas can also swing from a calm, balmy day to thunder and rain in a heartbeat, which gives rise to a famous Texas saying: “If you don’t like the weather here, wait five minutes." Sudden thunderstorms often roam Texas in the spring, moving in “squall lines” and dropping huge quantities of precipitation. In t...

  • Miss. Jury Awards $1 Million to Asbestos Plaintiff in Case Against Union Carbide

    FAYETTE, Miss. –– A Mississippi jury has awarded just over $1 million to an asbestos plaintiff, accepting the plaintiff’s claims that exposure to Union Carbide’s Visbestos and Super Visbestos in viscosifiers led him to develop asbestosis. The Mississippi Circuit Court for Jefferson County jury reached the verdict on Feb.

  • Driving Tired: As Dangerous as Driving Drunk?

    Thanks to the efforts of advocacy organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, our attitudes toward drunk driving have evolved over the past few decades. Driving after a few drinks used to be seen as a minor indiscretion, and the resulting wrecks were usually labeled as “accidents” that could happen to anyone. Today, we rightfully view drunk driving crashes as cases of criminal negligence and prosecute them accordingly.

  • Early Personal Injury Settlements: When to Agree—or Think Twice

    Should You Settle Early? Most personal injury cases—as many as 95 percent of them, in fact—end with a settlement, and for good reason. If you’ve received a fair offer that will compensate you for your injuries and damages, a settlement can give you closure and let you get back to your life without going through the long process of litigation and a trial.

  • Personal Injury and the Statute of Limitations in Texas

    After you’ve been in an accident or suffered a personal injury, time can seem to stand still. People are so focused on dealing with their injuries, making sure their vehicles are repaired, and dealing with the paperwork from the insurance company that they often don’t get around to filing a lawsuit until it’s too late.

  • 5 Critical Steps after You've Been in a Car Accident

    Regardless of the severity of the crash, if you've just been in a car accident, you are probably feeling overwhelmed, disoriented, and a bit out of control. After doing your best to stay calm, assess your own physical state and call 911. Next, check on the condition of those around you and in the other vehicle(s) involved if it is safe to do so.

  • Avoid a Crash: Texas Winter Weather Driving Tips

    It’s hard to imagine treacherous driving conditions in Texas with the climate typically ranging in the high 50s and low 60s during the winter months. But Texas does get hazardous winter weather from time to time. For example, heavy snowstorms commonly span the panhandle, according to the National Weather Forecast Office.

  • The 5 Most Dangerous Holidays for Driving

    We’ve discussed ways to stay safe while you’re traveling during the holidays, but which holidays are the most dangerous to drive on? Below, we’ve used detailed, up-to-date 2015 statistics from the National Safety Council to outline the five most dangerous holidays for car accidents – you might be surprised at the celebrations that make this list. #5 New Year’s While the number of traffic fatalities on the New Year’s holiday varies from year to year depending on what day of the week it falls on, ...

  • Holiday Traffic in Dallas: How to Stay Safe and Avoid a Car Accident

    This holiday season, whether you’re searching for the perfect present at NorthPark Center or just trying to get together with family and friends, you’ll want to do your best to avoid Dallas’ notorious traffic and avoid getting in a collision. Where is the Worst Dallas Traffic? According to the U.S.

  • Stay Safe and Stay Warm: Holiday Travel Tips

    Did you travel for the Thanksgiving holiday this year? Chances are, many of you did. According to AAA Travel, 46.9 million Americans made a 50 mile (or more) journey to visit family and friends during the recent holiday.

  • Holiday Travel: Are Planes, Trains, or Cars the Safest Way to Travel?

    When people think of taking a trip during the holidays, many of them imagine suffering through crowded lines to check their bags or go through security, missing flights because of long delays, or even getting stranded at the airport. But with the rising price of airfare (and the lower price of gasoline), the simple truth is that the overwhelming majority of long-distance holiday travel takes place in people’s personal vehicles—like cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. According to the United Stat...

  • Miss. Court Enters Judgment in $2.5 Million Asbestos Verdict in Oilfield Exposure Suit

    HarrisMartin's Asbestos Publication, JACKSON, Miss. (January 8, 2015) –– A Mississippi state court recently entered judgment against Union Carbide in an asbestos- related oilfield exposure suit, finalizing a $2.5 million verdict entered late last year. Judge Lamar Pickard of the Mississippi Circuit Court for Jefferson County presided over the trial.

  • Chrysler Faces Suit Over Dodge Durango Fuel Tank Defect

    Law360, New York (April 09, 2014, 5:16 PM ET) -- Chrysler Group LLC was hit with a suit Wednesday in Texas federal court alleging its Dodge Durango line of SUVs do not have skid plates or other methods to protect the fuel tank from undercarriage strikes, which can cause injury to drivers. Lead plaintiff Erin Edney alleges that as a result of purchasing a Chrysler 2011 Dodge Durango with a defective fuel tank design, she suffered severe burns when a piece of road debris penetrated her fuel tank a...

  • Tyler Attorney Jeffrey T. Embry Honored by Texas Bar Foundation

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