The 5 Most Dangerous Holidays for Driving

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We’ve discussed ways to stay safe while you’re traveling during the holidays, but which holidays are the most dangerous to drive on? Below, we’ve used detailed, up-to-date 2015 statistics from the National Safety Council to outline the five most dangerous holidays for car accidents – you might be surprised at the celebrations that make this list.

#5 New Year’s

While the number of traffic fatalities on the New Year’s holiday varies from year to year depending on what day of the week it falls on, the average number of traffic fatalities each year for the New Year’s holiday is 388. As many would suspect, alcohol is a factor in approximately 42% of New Year’s traffic deaths – more than any other holiday each year.

#4 Memorial Day

Memorial Day always falls on a long weekend, which results in higher traffic fatality numbers. Still, on average, there are 451 traffic deaths each year on Memorial Day weekend, which makes it the 4th most dangerous holiday to drive on.

#3 Labor Day

With approximately 457 traffic fatalities each year, Labor Day is the 3rd most dangerous holiday to drive on. Like Memorial Day, the fact that Labor Day always falls on a long weekend contributes to a higher number of fatalities for this holiday as well.

#2 Independence Day (4th of July)

The 4th of July is the most dangerous holiday in general for many other reasons: fireworks-related accidents being one of the chief non-driving causes of injury and death. However, Independence Day is only the 2nd most dangerous holiday for driving fatalities with an average of 466 traffic deaths each year.

#1 Thanksgiving

The seemingly forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is, in fact, the most dangerous holiday to travel on. With an average of 484 traffic fatalities each year and a huge increase in traffic on the roads, Thanksgiving is the definitively the worst holiday to drive on.

Important Holiday Safety Considerations

There are a number of factors that determine which holidays are deadlier than others during any given year. For example, holidays that fall on a long weekend tend to be more dangerous than those that fall in the middle of a week. And, of course, car collisions aren’t the only safety issue that factors into whether a holiday is dangerous or not. For example, while Halloween doesn’t usually make the top 5 most dangerous holidays for drivers, it is one of the most dangerous holidays every year for pedestrians: the CDC estimates that children in particular are four times more likely to get hit by a vehicle on Halloween than any other day of the year. So regardless of where (or if) a holiday ranks on this list, it’s important to always know the risks involved whenever you celebrate any holiday so you can take precautions to stay safe.

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