Craftsman Portable Table Saws Made by Rexon Recalled

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On March 7, 2017, manufacturing company Rexon issued notice of a recall for the Craftsman-brand 10-inch table saw bearing the model number 137.415030. The serial numbers of the affected table saws, which were made by Rexon and sold under the Craftsman name, begin with the following letters:

  • RSN
  • RSP
  • RSQ
  • RSR
  • RSS
  • RST
  • RSU
  • RSV
  • RSW
  • RSX
  • RSY
  • RSZ
  • RTN
  • RTP
  • RTQ
  • RTR
  • RTS
  • RTT
  • RTU
  • RTV
  • RTW
  • RTX
  • RTY
  • RTZ
  • RUN
  • RUP
  • RUQ
  • RUR
  • RUS
  • RUT

The model and serial numbers are printed on a silver label located on the front of the saw, along with the words “15 AMP 10-inch table saw.”

Details About the Rexon Recall

According to Rexon, the saw’s black metal foldable stand, where the tool sits during use, can collapse unexpectedly and cause injuries to the saw operator. So far, 11 impact and laceration injuries have been reported, including nine reports of injuries to fingers and hands.

The table saws were manufactured in China and sold exclusively at Sears stores throughout the country between April 2014 and October 2016. The saws sold for a retail price of about $200.

What You Should Do If You Own a Recalled Craftsman 10-Inch Table Saw

If you own one of these table saws, stop using the tool immediately. To get a free replacement, contact the manufacturer, Rexon, at (866) 934-6360. More information can be found on the website for the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC).

Contact Hossley & Embry If You’ve Been Injured by a Recalled Craftsman Tool

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