Drug Side Effects

Drug Side Effects

Even though the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs are safe and effective, the FDA has issued recalls on many drugs in recent years after finding them to be unsafe and harmful to consumers. Often, these recalls happen only after users’ lives have been changed forever by destructive drug side effects and complications.

Product liability laws are in place to hold accountable the manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors responsible for developing and dispensing defective drugs, but upholding these laws requires the help of an experienced personal injury law firm. At Hossley & Embry, our attorneys use their expertise and years of experience to fight for victims who have been harmed by harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

Some Known Dangerous Drugs 

A drug may be defective because of design flaws or manufacturing defects, or because of insufficient labels and warnings accompanying the product. Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs alike have been recalled for harmful side effects, complications, and interactions in the past.

Some examples of drugs that have been the subject of claims or litigation in recent years include:

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