Jeff Embry Featured in Trial Magazine for Case Against Car Seat Manufacturer Dorel

March 23, 2017 by

Hossley Embry recently achieved two separate jury verdicts totaling $34.4 million on behalf of their clients, Nicole and Cameron Hinson, whose son Cayden was paralyzed in a car wreck while restrained in a Dorel forward-facing car seat. Pursuing a failure-to-warn theory against the car manufacturer, Dorel Juvenile Grp., Inc., Jeff Embry asserted that the company failed to alert consumers about the danger of using a forward-facing car seat with children under the age of two and continued to sell unsafe car seats despite knowing the risks involved.

One highlight in the trial included the revelation of an email from Dorel’s vice president of testing to his daughter. It warned her of the danger associated with forward-facing car seats for children under the age of two, and it was sent at the same time the company was deciding not to update its warnings to consumers on older car seat models like the one involved in the case.

A major blow to the defendants also came when Jeff Embry pulled up the company’s website live while questioning one of their experts and revealed information that directly contradicted what she was saying.

You can read the full article in Trial Magazine 53(3), p. 56-57 or read more here.

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