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eBook: A Stable of Investments Went Up In Flames

In 2006, a barn fire was started by defective motor windings in a Lasko box fan, killing six prize race horse stallions. In representing investors who had breeding interests in these horses, Hossley Embry filed a products liability suit and discovered that Lasko had outsourced much of the work to Chinese manufacturers who used cheap materials and lacked sufficient quality control protocols. 

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skid-mark-on-roadeBook: Manufacturer Cuts Corners, Costs Teen Her Life

When a young woman was killed on a rainy morning in what seemed to be a routine auto accident, it was believed that she had simply lost control of her car. However, the vehicle’s manufacturers knew that this model was prone to oversteering in wet conditionsbut knowingly decided not to include Electronic Stability Control, which is inexpensive and readily available for nearly every vehicle.  

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The Eyes Photo-1eBook: The Eyes Have It

After Bill’s “routine” cataract surgery took a severe turn for the worse due to the use of a defective eye lubricant known as Healon D, the attorneys at Hossley Embry filed suit against the product manufacturer and their subsidiary in Sweden – which was found to be in violation of several Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. 

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