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After a natural or human-made disaster, you’re focused on rebuilding, and the process can feel overwhelming. The last thing you need is your insurance company denying or underpaying your valid residential, business, and commercial property insurance claims. You may also feel outnumbered if you’re fighting the insurance company, their legal counsel, and their well-paid experts without help from an experienced insurance claims lawyer.

The attorneys at Hossley & Embry represent individual and commercial policyholders in claims against property insurance companies in Texas and Colorado. These claims typically involve losses caused by events like:

After a Disaster, Regain Control and Rebuild With Help From Hossley & Embry

Unless you have an attorney on your side, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexity of a major property loss claim. Hossley & Embry has successfully recovered policy benefits and bad faith claims awards for policyholders and property owners. We can guide you through the claims process and help you understand the terms and conditions of your policies, the value of your claims, and your legal options.

Our experienced property damage and insurance recovery lawyers handle cases that involve:

Our clients include owners of commercial buildings, businesses, homeowners’ associations (HOAs), condominium associations (COAs), and residential homeowners as well as churches and religious organizations.

Commercial Property Owners

Natural disasters affect businesses as well as individuals. Damage from a fire, hurricane, tornado, or another disaster can prevent your business from operating and may affect productivity, profit, and stock value. You need insurance compensation so you can get your business up and running without further delays. When an insurance company refuses to pay insurance claims quickly and in full, it can make your job seem impossible.

When you work with the legal team at Hossley & Embry, you can rest assured that our lawyers value your claims and understand your need for efficient, aggressive representation. To learn more about our approach to commercial property claims, contact us today.

HOAs and Other Associations

In buildings and communities with an HOA or similar association, you’ll need to evaluate the by-laws before you determine who’s financially responsible for property damage. Often, the competing interests of residents, property owners, and the HOA itself complicate this process.

At Hossley & Embry, we help individual residents and the entities that represent them sort out who’s liable for losses and file claims for compensation.

Residential Homeowners

Your home is more than just a place to live. When it suffers damage, you lose an important part of your life. Severe property damage is always devastating, but having your home insurance claim denied can make things far worse.

Hossley & Embry can help you fight against an insurance company that won’t pay your residential property claim. Let us deal with the insurance companies that are wrongfully delaying your payment or outright denying your claim so you can focus on putting your life back together.

Churches and Places of Worship

Damage to your church or religious facility can affect your congregation. And when an insurance company refuses to pay valid insurance claims, the resulting stress and hopelessness can feel unbearable.

Your community needs a home. At Hossley & Embry, we help churches and other religious organizations rebuild after natural and human-made disasters. Our insurance claims attorneys fight hard to help our clients receive insurance benefits and get their facilities back in operation without unnecessary delays.

Industrial Property Claims

Before filing an industrial insurance claim, you’ll need to perform an evaluation of loss to determine the cause and scope of the damage. This evaluation will provide a guide for making repairs, and it can also help you fight back against the insurance carrier when they delay or deny payment in bad faith.

The attorneys at Hossley & Embry have experience handling complex industrial insurance claims. We can perform a thorough analysis of property losses in an industrial setting to build a strong foundation for your claim.

Hossley & Embry: Helping Property Owners in Texas and Colorado Rebuild

If you’ve had an insurance claim ignored, delayed, denied, or underpaid, contact Hossley & Embry today for help. All case evaluations are free, and there is no financial obligation unless and until we help you recover financial compensation for your losses.

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