Business Litigation

Business Litigation

An unfortunate byproduct of our current fast-paced business climate is that individuals and commercial entities are frequently tempted to violate an agreement, cut corners, or otherwise fail to honor contracts and “do the right thing” in a business transaction.

Fortunately, our legal system protects businesses from harm just as it does individuals. Our courts can enforce contracts and hold responsible parties accountable for attorney’s fees, court costs, and lost interest. The attorneys of Hossley & Embry provide aggressive legal representation in matters relating to complex business litigation.

Wronged business owners can pursue claims including:

Hossley & Embry Will Fight for Your Business

Our attorneys inform each client of all available legal options and tailor our approach to the client’s business plan and competitive profile. When appropriate, we will counsel in favor of an efficient and cost-saving resolution, as we have no incentive to encourage litigation to increase our fees. When necessary, however, we are ready and willing to take business disputes to trial and win for our clients.

If your business has been harmed by fraud, breach of contract, or other wrongful action, please contact Hossley & Embry today by calling (866) 522-9265 or fill out our free case evaluation form; and we will be in touch promptly. We offer free consultations, and we have the resources available (including charter aircraft) to travel throughout Texas and the United States on short notice to investigate your potential claim.

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